Siphamandla Gumede

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Siphamandla Gumede

As a researcher with experience in public health services and related research, Siphamandla has a background in mixed method research, monitoring and evaluation, with specific training and expertise in research methods, biostatistics, basic research on HIV/AIDS aspects of drug adherence, and optimization. His research interests and experience include describing ART profile for people living with HIV (PLHIV) who are on antiretroviral therapy (ART), strengthening the understanding of adherence strategies for PLHIV who are on ART in comparison with other chronic conditions, using the self-care options and integrating chronic care services into HIV care/services.

More about Siphamandla Gumede

He is part of the iHEART-SA project that is evaluating the interventions for integrating hypertension care into HIV care. Using evidence-based interventions, such as, care coordinators and decision-support tools, iHEART-SA aims to strengthen integration of chronic conditions within the public health setting. In addition to his research outputs, he provides supervision to postgraduate students, providing an opportunity for them to deepen and consolidate their learning, and to set new goals towards their academic journeys. He provides students with the training, research support and mentoring they need to perform required tasks and provide regular feedback and coaching.